The film industry is broken, and OBSERVATORY is here to fix it. We deploy expertise, capital, and relationships to help filmmakers get high impact, commercial films to market more quickly and with higher quality than ever before. We use lean production processes to make sure that every dollar we spend is efficient, making high value projects for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We believe there are so many stories to tell and so many important issues to tackle; this is why we exist!

OBSERVATORY Managing Partner Stephen Robert Morse is the Emmy-nominated Producer of the Netflix Original AMANDA KNOX that premiered to rave reviews for social commentary for its critiques of 'unprincipled journalism and unapologetic sexism.' We founded OBSERVATORY to create dozens more films to showcase equally poignant themes, topics, and ideas.


SEPTEMBER 29, 2016


"What emerges is less a portrait of an accused killer than a glaring revelation of unprincipled journalism and unapologetic sexism...

Amanda Knox [is] a savage denunciation of the way entertainment imperatives have corrupted the news media. At this singular moment in our political history, the resonance is deafening."