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We are an immersive storytelling studio producing nonfiction and fiction films using lean production methodologies. We are small but nimble, tackling all projects in unique ways using our award-winning creativity and innovative approaches. Our signature is to deliver high quality, well-researched, investigative content from across the world. We invest time, capital, and resources in both start to finish and finishing fund productions. Whether we take on your project from Day 1 or help you cross the finish line, we put an equal amount of love and care into our relationships with filmmakers.

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EUROTRUMP follows right wing populist Geert Wilders as he runs for Dutch Prime Minister. The filmmakers obtained exclusive access to Wilders, who has lived under 24-hour security protection for the past 12 years due to threats on his life. This film unearths the man behind the media mask, providing many revelations about "The Dutch Donald Trump." Read this outstanding review in The Hollywood Reporter.

Directed by Stephen Robert Morse & Nicholas Hampson

Produced by Stephen Robert Morse

Executive Produced by Maria Springer

Written by Stephen Robert Morse & Maria Springer


This film is about the world's most radical idea -freedom- and how it's transforming the world. It's about how people all over the globe, from Tunisian rappers to Indian comedians, from America's #BlackLivesMatter activists to Hong Kong's students - are joining the struggle for freedom.

Directed by Rupert Russell

Produced by Patrick Hamm & Camilla Hall

Executive Produced by Stephen Robert Morse, Maria Springer, Sarena Snider, & Nick Fraser

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Daddy Issues is our first foray into fiction: Standup comedian Henrietta hasn’t been funny since her detached father died. Distraught and in a quarter life crisis, she leaves her messy London life behind for LA to reexamine her past relationships with dysfunctional ex-lovers and friends struggling with adulthood. Henri tries comedically and introspectively to find humor in her darkest moments in this quirky slice-of life comedy.

Directed by: Laura Holliday

Written by: Amy Datnow, Kimberley Datnow, John Cox, and Laura Holliday

Executive produced by: Stephen Robert Morse & Kimberley Datnow

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